Feefo Brand Perception Report 2021

Published on 24 June, 2021

Brand Perception Report Social Post

Consumers now consider much more than price and quality before deciding who they do business with.

There are many factors that affect consumer motivations and it’s imperative that brands understand what their customers care about, in order to align with their values. Societal trends and the ever-changing digital media landscape have a huge influence on how people think and behave. Understanding these motivations has become increasingly challenging, as typically there are a combination of factors involving emotions, values and beliefs - many of which are subconscious.

Our report, based on a survey of 2,000 UK consumers, reveals a number of intriguing statistics about how people perceive the brands they buy from.

Some of the highlights include:

  • 74% of Brits always consider a brand’s values before purchasing from them
  • 57% agree that companies should be socially and environmentally responsible
  • 78% believe brands when they say they are socially responsible
  • 61% spend more money with socially responsible brands that they respect above others
  • 61%  say that celebrities/influencers being associated with a brand has no effect on their perception of that brand
  • Only 12% say if they like the celebrity influencer it creates a positive view for them
  • 47% believe that businesses should always respond to negative reviews

Feefo's Marketing Director, Keith Povey, comments: “With the continued shift online over the last 12 months, consumers have more choice than ever before, so it’s imperative brands focus on providing seamless digital experiences. By utilising social media and the ever-growing pool of customer experience technologies, smaller businesses are able to compete with larger companies, which is ultimately good news for consumers.”

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