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The Challenge

British frozen food retail giant, Iceland wanted an efficient way to tap into the business insight contained within the thousands of customer reviews they had at their disposal.

They recognised that identifying any issues would allow them to improve their service, but also saw the potential to use the feedback to inform their messaging, increase customer engagement and ultimately drive more sales.


“Feefo’s AI-powered Performance Profiling tool has enabled us to improve our delivery process and initiated some fascinating conversations between us and our customers, resulting in Iceland being able to better respond, listen and take action on feedback.”

Rachel Lewis, Customer Response Co-Ordinator



Feefo rating from 31,000 reviews

The Solution

Feefo set Iceland up with Performance Profiling; powerful AI technology that would automatically analyse the content of Iceland’s customer reviews to give them a clear and accurate view of what was happening within the business in real time.

Customers were asked to provide feedback on every aspect of the company including customer service, home delivery service, online delivery service and product preferences.

With an accurate understanding of the issues that mattered most to their shoppers, Iceland could set about using what they’d learned to create highly-targeted marketing campaigns.

As a first step, Iceland used sentiment analysis to uncover what customers cared about most when it came to their products and service, and subsequently group these customer preferences. Once these profiles had been defined, it made it easy for Iceland to start targeting ad campaigns to suit the customer. Using an appropriate tone of voice, and messaging that best reflected the opinions of each demographic, Iceland were able to look at creating a set of campaigns that were incredibly specific and unique.

“Sentiment analysis enables specific targeting that will improve overall engagement and allow us to focus on specific metrics that can be measured over time to better monitor performance”

Rachel Lewis, Customer Response Co-Ordinator


Increased customer engagement


Deeper understanding of customers

The Results

Over a 12-month period Iceland achieved an outstanding Feefo rating of 4.5 out of 5 from over 31,000 real reviews.

Iceland has used the insight gathered from all the Feefo feedback and insight to successfully guide the direction of marketing activity and new trial services.

  • For example, during a bagless delivery trial, Iceland used Performance Profiling to analyse customers’ thoughts about the trial service and were able to determine that a portion of shoppers had strong environmental beliefs.
  • What’s more, 99% of Iceland’s customers believed that the home delivery service was excellent. With this information, Iceland were able to promote this unique selling point to customers who weren’t aware of what the home delivery service entailed.
  • Feefo’s Performance Profiling product also highlighted areas that required improvement such as the door-to-door customer service experience, where training documents have been revisited and revised for delivery drivers.
“The feedback has been invaluable. Using Feefo’s latest AI capabilities we can continue to improve our customer service and delivery experience. This insight is fed back in real time to the relevant decision makers who are able to take swift action to address any issues and most importantly, improve the overall experience for our valued customers.”

Rachel Lewis, Customer Response Co-Ordinator

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