What the end of IE 11 means for you

If you use Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) to access the internet, you may have spotted compatibility issues with some of your favourite sites and applications recently. Here's what's happening.

In case you missed the news, Microsoft is officially retiring the final version of the iconic browser, which launched back in 2013, with services like Outlook, Office 365, OneDrive and that video conferencing lockdown staple, Teams, already no longer supported.

The phasing out of IE 11 will also impact Feefo clients who use it to access our suite of products and services, with our support for IE11 ending in 2022.

Why is it the end for IE 11?

Critics will say that as hardware improved, IE 11 lagged behind, suffering from slow load speeds and questionable security protocols, whilst web developers were reportedly grinding their teeth in frustration on a daily basis at the lack of support for cool things like modern Javascript and CSS.

You can watch a Microsoft video about the move away from Internet Explorer here:

When is IE 11 ending?

If you haven’t already said your goodbyes, you don’t have long to send a card and flowers. Microsoft will bring the IE 11 farewell tour to a close in June 2022, although it does say support for their legacy browser will be provided for the lifespan of Windows 10.

Most internet users with an operating system of Windows 11 or earlier won’t be able to use IE 11. You can view a small list of exceptions here.

However, if you regularly upgrade your Windows machine to a newer product, or are looking to replace a series of Windows-based computers or laptops, you shouldn't be able to retrospectively install any form of Internet Explorer anyway - with the Microsoft Edge browser being supplied as standard.

But I love IE 11. Can I still use it?

When the original Internet Explorer debuted back in 1995, many of our tech team were big fans - although some still yearn for Netscape. But a lot has changed since then.

Today, depending on your OS and what you like to do online, there may be (at best) limited scope to keep using IE 11, but you’d be in the vast minority of users still doing so.

In order to maintain access to their favourite apps and programs on the latest devices, the overwhelming majority of internet users have already made the jump. Even as far back as 2019, only 3% of all web traffic came from IE 11.

What does this mean for Feefo clients?

If you use IE 11 to log in to the Feefo Hub, you will still be able to do so, but from January 10th 2022, we will no longer be rolling out any fixes specific to IE 11 issues.

Once Microsoft completes their web browser wind-down, future improvements to the Feefo Hub won’t have support for IE 11, meaning some features may not work or display properly when viewed on IE 11.

And, because IE 11 will no longer receive any future updates or support from Microsoft from 15th June 2022 onwards, it won’t be secure to use.

What should I do next?

To get the best possible experience from the Feefo Hub, and aren’t adversely affected by the upcoming IE 11 depreciation, we recommend switching to a new browser as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for the best web browser, some of the most popular include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and of course the IE 11 replacement, Microsoft Edge.

If you’re already having trouble accessing the Feefo Hub through IE 11, simply reach out to our support team who’ll be happy to help.

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