The true cost of Black Friday

Ever since Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) arrived on British shores back in 2010, many consumers have embraced this retail revolution. We’ve all seen people waiting in line overnight or rushing to stores to bag themselves a bargain. But with queues now dwindling and sales falling, are the deals a disappointment and is the Black Friday buzz not living up to the hype?

What was once a feel-good weekend has become a month-long saga, leaving shoppers feeling exhausted and disappointed, which explains why more businesses are choosing to opt out. That’s both a brave and risky decision to make. Before you take that leap into the great unknown, think about the factors that are important to you.

Here’s the Feefo take on the true cost of Black Friday – and how companies can turn things around.

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How can I get my business ready for Black Friday?

Whether you choose to make the most of the Black Friday panic-buying or not, during the colder months, you’re likely to run some form of pre-Christmas offer. After all, that’s what Black Friday is, with one in three people completing their festive shopping list before the end of November.

Display trusted feedback across your website

You’ll already know the importance of customer feedback, so don’t be afraid to show how it makes a difference to your business. It’s better to show improvements than pretend to be perfect, and by displaying trusted customer feedback you can build confidence in your products and services.

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Boost your paid ads

Drive sales through the colder months and put your hard-earned feedback to work by using your review quotes and ratings in PPC ads. Doing so can help you boost clickthrough and improve the quality score of your ads as you reach out to new customers in a more effective way.

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Focus on customer loyalty

Attracting new customers is the lifeblood of business, and Black Friday is a great opportunity to target first-timers. But with half of shoppers anticipating discounts of 10-25%. During this period, how likely are they to come back after the deals have gone? By finding out your Net Promoter Score®, your business can find out if you’re getting it right or wrong – and collect good insight for next year (or the next busy sales period!).

Find out more

Our range of tools has been designed to dig deeper into your ratings and reviews. Go beyond the stars to discover how customers feel about your business, then use valuable insight to make smarter business decisions.

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