Taking reviews up a gear, with Auto-Trader partnership

Great news for motor businesses using Feefo to collect their reviews: we’ve partnered with Auto-Trader, the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace! This enables Auto-Trader to pull in reviews for any relevant adverts – helping buyers make better decisions, and making your adverts stand out in search results.

Buying a car can be tricky; after deciding on the perfect make and model, and before parting with a hefty chunk of change, it’s important to have complete confidence that the car in question doesn’t come with any nasty surprises. That’s where dealership ratings and reviews come in – trusted testimonials from fellow car buyers, to tell the whole truth; and when it’s easy to find horror stories of rogue dealers, it’s more important than ever to improve trust in the industry.

Six times larger than their nearest competitor, Auto-Trader is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace. The first place many buyers go to research a new motor, 92% of UK consumers know who they are and what they do, and 80% of UK car dealers advertise through them.  Now, thanks to our review syndication, for dealerships that both use Feefo to collect reviews, and advertise on Auto-Trader, customers will be able to read genuine, independently verified feedback when viewing listings.

We’re masters of trust and transparency in the marketplace – working with thousands of businesses to ensure that they’re only collecting authentic customer reviews, and using that to fuel a better business, with real-time analytics and insights. Partnering with Auto-Trader benefits everyone – from helping buyers to make better decisions with confidence, to improving sales for car dealers, by demonstrating they are credible and trusted by others.

For dealerships, the benefits continue into improved online search visibility and Click-through-Rate on adverts in search engine results. As a recognised and credible name, Auto-Trader adds additional clout to the trust enhancing benefits of Feefo’s Licensed Content Partnership with Google.

“We’re excited by the potential this partnership with Auto-Trader will provide for car dealerships using Feefo. As a well respected name in the motor marketplace, they align perfectly with our mission to improve trust, transparency and confidence in buying decisions – and to help businesses make the most of listening to their customers.” – Andrew Mabbutt, Feefo CEO

There has never been a better time to get on board with Feefo; your car dealership could be benefiting from collecting genuine feedback from customers, and putting that to work in providing actionable insights, and improved sales.

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