News from The Hub: Give team members relevant, flexible access to the Feefo Hub

The insight you get from your reviews can benefit every area of your business, from Marketing through to Customer Service! That’s why we’ve now made it even easier for you to grant access to the content and features within the Hub on a user by user basis.

Admin users now have more control over what sections of the Hub each additional user can view and the features they can use. You can tailor the level of access both new and existing users have within Feefo.

When choosing to give a user ‘specific access’, you can tick or untick the following features:

  • Upload data – Users can upload, manage and report on sales transactions
  • View reports – Users will have access to all reports
  • View feedback – Users can see the feedback received, but cannot respond to or manage it
  • Reply to feedback – Users can reply to feedback received
  • Administer feedback – Users can manage reviews, create notes, tag feedback and flag reviews for moderation
  • Share feedback – Users can share reviews across connected social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram

We’re constantly working to make Feefo more accessible to your entire organisation, so that you can start maximising the insight you’re getting from your feedback. If you have any further questions or notice any issues, please get in touch with your account manager or email

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