Monarch validates value of Feefo

Luton-based scheduled flight operator Monarch Airlines has undertaken extensive examination of the value of Feefo’s Service Rating on its business.

Working with Red Eye International, a UK-based digital marketing technology firm that works to increase ROI,  Monarch has released insights gained through website A/B testing.

Monarch Split testing – with and without Feefo integration

The online test was designed by Red Eye to understand the value of Feefo to the online experience of Monarch’s customers within the booking process. The answer required was simple: does the presence of Feefo’s Service Rating (a value that indicates the percentage of customers that confirmed the service experienced as either ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’) help increase booking conversions and revenue for Monarch via their online booking platform?

The split testing resulted in some consumers being presented with a webpage with the Feefo Widget being shown and some without; their continued activity on the site was measured. The results have been well received by Monarch.

Monarch collects genuine customer feedback through Feefo which allows them to listen, first-hand, to their customers and gather a true representation of customer sentiment towards the service provided. The Service Rating and Reviews are displayed to demonstrate to new customers that Monarch is a trusted and reputable airline.Red Eye International’s independent investigation proved that by adding the Feefo widget below the running total of the basket summary created a higher sense of trust leading to 3.01% uplift in revenue per visitor as well as 2.94% increase in total flight bookings.

The hypothesis was “that placing the Feefo rating information within the flights booking process would increase user’s trust and confidence in their purchase, making it more likely they’ll continue to complete their flight booking purchase.” The A/B Test successfully proved this to be correct and Monarch has acted upon the results by adding the Feefo Service Rating widget to every basket page.

For Feefo’s merchants the message is clear (and one that we have been asserting for a while!): displaying your genuine customer feedback Service Rating with a Feefo widget delivers business success!

To find out more about Feefo and how you can collect genuine customer ratings and reviews visit our website or give us a call on +44 (0)203 362 4209

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