Is your service exceptional enough to win one of our most exclusive accolades?

Feefo’s Exceptional Service badges 

In January 2023, only 32 of our over 6,000 clients won one of our most exclusive honours ever – an Exceptional Service badge. Will you be one of them in 2024? 

Feefo’s Exceptional Service badges are amongst the most exclusive customer service accolades. They recognise businesses that show particular excellence in key customer review areas. 

So exclusive, there can only be 32 winners

Hundreds of businesses can win a Feefo Trusted Service Award. But only 32 Exceptional Service badges will be granted in 2024, making them really valuable and incredibly exclusive. These badges are given to recognise consistent service performance, customer interaction, and engagement. 

There are two ways to win an Exceptional Service badge. One based on your provision of exceptional service - with badges allocated according to business size and industry sector. The other is in recognition of sustained progress in your service provision. 

These are the Exceptional Service badge categories:

  • Exceptional Service - Small business (up to 50 employees)
  • Exceptional Service - SME (51 - 250 employees)
  • Exceptional Service - Enterprise (over 250 employees)
  • Exceptional Service - Sustained progress

And there’ll be one winner for each of the following industry sectors:

  • Travel
  • Retail (brick and mortar)
  • Retail (e-commerce)
  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Business & professional services
  • Finance and insurance
  • Automotive
  • Property

Have you got what it takes to win in 2024?

To win one of our exclusive Exceptional Service badges, your company must already have achieved a Trusted Service Award from Feefo, with additional criteria for each badge category. 

Exceptional Service - Small Business 

If you’re a small business that has continued to deliver exceptional service performance when it comes to customer reviews and best practice, you could be in with a chance of winning this new accolade for 2024. Your business must: 

  • Qualify for any Trusted Service Award
  • Have a minimum service score of 4.9
  • Have no more than 50 employees

Exceptional Service - SME 

This badge aims to recognise SME businesses for their exceptional customer reviews service and for demonstrating best practice when using Feefo reviews. To be eligible, your business must: 

  • Qualify for any Trusted Service Award
  • Have a minimum service score of 4.9
  • Have between 51 and 250 employees

Exceptional Service - Enterprise 

For our larger customers, the Exceptional Service category for enterprise businesses recognises companies with over 250 employees who can demonstrate exceptional service performance for their customer reviews and best practice. Enterprise businesses eligible for this badge must: 

  • Qualify for any Trusted Service Award
  • Have a minimum of 4.9 service score
  • Have 251 or more employees.

There is an additional Exceptional Service badge category for businesses of any size that have demonstrated sustained progress in their provision of exceptional service. It’s called: 

Exceptional Service - Sustained Progress

This category is for businesses of any size across the eight previously named sectors that have made consistent improvements to their customer experience over the last three years. To be eligible, you must: 

  • Qualify for any Trusted Service Award
  • Have improved your customer service rating by at least 0.1 point per year over three years, from a base score of at least 4.0.

Whichever category you’re in, to be crowned a winner of the Exceptional Service badge, you also must have: 

  • Met the criteria to win a Trusted Service Award in 2024 
  • Achieved the highest average review score in your industry and category or achieved the largest review score increase over the last 3-year period 
  • Achieved the highest review reply rate via the Feefo platform in your industry and category 
  • Achieved the highest review response rate in your industry and category 

What do you need to do?

For now, apart from making sure you’re signed up to get emails from us, nothing.  

We’ll let you know if you’ve won an Exceptional Service badge. If you do, make sure you do everything you can to tell your customers and the whole world how exceptional you are. You’ll get a winner’s pack, which includes different assets you can use across your marketing, including social media posts, images, and badges too. 

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