How do people shop in 2019? 3 surprises we found in our report

One of the biggest shopping days of the year is fast approaching. A huge £1.49 billion was spent on Black Friday in the UK last year – if you want to make sure some of that cash is spent with your business, you need to understand exactly how your audience shops and why.

In our 2019 Consumer Report, we explored people’s shopping habits and were surprised (and not so surprised) by what we discovered.

Here are three things we found out.

1. More than half of us now prefer to shop online via our smartphones

Mobile shopping has doubled in the past year, with 53% of us choosing to pick up our smartphones rather than logging onto our laptops. With so many shoppers having immediate access to a smartphone and more retailers making sure they have mobile-friendly sites, it’s likely that mobile shopping will continue to increase over the next few years, especially amongst younger consumers.

Unsurprisingly, researching and shopping online via mobile is most popular with 18 – 44-year olds, while just 8% of over 65s use their smartphones for this purpose.

If your website doesn’t look good or work well on mobile, you could be missing out on a huge audience! A fully functioning mobile site might just be the difference between a shopper buying with you or heading to a competitor, so make sure things like your site speed on mobile are up to scratch.

2. Shopping on mobile isn’t always done on the go

Commuting times may be on the rise, but shopping on mobile isn’t reserved to those who are buying on the go. A huge 42% of people buy and research products and services using their phones at home, proving the convenience of shopping on mobile, even when shoppers have access to other devices. Why bother booting up a computer when your smartphone is always by your side?

Mobiles also allow shoppers to quickly search for product details, reviews or prices. They may not make a purchase straight away, or they might choose to checkout on a desktop, laptop or tablet. Finding out your customer’s purchase journeys is important to making their overall customer experience as smooth as possible, so make sure you’re mapping this out!

3. Social media influencers may not be as influential as they think they are

17% of marketers spend over half their budget on influencer marketing, but is it worth it? Less than one-in-ten shoppers (9%) say they regularly buy from social media adverts or links from influencers. Social media ads and sponsored posts can help build brand awareness but measuring that return on investment can be difficult.

In comparison, 37% of people regularly buy directly from retailer websites, so investing in optimising your site and making sure it’s visible in both paid and organic search should be a key focus.

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