How AI is making job hunting smarter

All around the globe, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and the “Internet of Things” are expected to transform industries.

Recruitment is no different. The industry is beginning to invest heavily in AI solutions that are set to radically change how people look for jobs, and more importantly, how recruiters go in search of candidates.

We take a look at some of the ways machine learning is shaping improved candidate-recruiter relationships, and ultimately helping people find the job of their dreams! 

Helping candidates find more relevant jobs

For recruiters, candidate outreach is a time-consuming task. Sifting through endless CVs and LinkedIn profiles trying to match candidates to jobs often leads to a pool of talent either not suited to the role, or even worse, just not that interested in the jobs you’re offering. 49% of job-seekers are put off recruitment agencies if they send through irrelevant jobs, so matching the right job to the right candidate is crucial!

Profile augmentation uses machine learning to scan a candidate's language and behaviours, creating a picture of what they want to do, instead of simply what they’re currently capable of. The insight gained by more closely analysing candidate data can uncover hidden skills and interests that allow recruiters to recommend more suitable jobs that better match their ambition.

Improving the candidate-recruiter relationship

One-in-eight job-seekers believe that technology such as AI will help improve their relationships with recruiters. AI solutions are helping agencies automate the CV screening process, freeing up recruiters to nurture candidate relationships and offer a more personalised service – such as providing technical application support or giving more constructive interview feedback.

Most recruitment agencies that value candidate service will be as friendly, approachable and available as possible. This often means using a live chat function on their website to respond quickly to queries and help guide applicants through the recruitment process. Chatbots are a fantastic way of using AI to automate this process, giving applicants the support they need without putting a strain on an agency’s resources. Sophisticated AI can answer many of the basic questions that job-seekers need answering, leading them on a tailored placement journey optimised to improve their experience and increase the chances of getting placed.

Using AI to choose the right recruiter

64% of applicants said that being able to read credible online reviews would help them pick the right recruitment agency. Intelligent review capture software is allowing agencies to create tailored feedback requests at multiple touchpoints of the candidate’s journey, showcasing the real opinions of real applicants throughout the recruitment process. AI tech is playing a part here too by picking out the key themes from all of this candidate feedback and giving potential applicants the power to filter reviews by the topics that are most relevant to them.

Automating this process also lets agencies significantly reduce the time and resources needed to gain invaluable insight into how their business is perceived by both candidates and clients. They can then start using this insight to make more informed business decisions and resolve any potential issues that applicants are having.

If you’d like to learn more about job-seekers attitudes towards reviews and AI check out our recruitment report or get in touch to have a chat with our friendly team.

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