Feefo welcomes new ISO standard to improve review credibility

We all depend on online reviews; 74% of consumers say they are influenced by reviews when making a purchase. Despite this, the rise of fake feedback has led to an increase in scepticism; just 7% of shoppers completely trust the reviews they read.

Not only does this make it harder for consumers to make informed buying decisions, it also means businesses aren’t getting the insight they need to improve and grow. At Feefo, we work hard to ensure that only genuine reviews are published on our platform, by inviting real customers to leave feedback.

That’s why we welcome a newly published ISO standard, which features recommendations that will help increase consumer trust and protect suppliers from exploitation. 

The standard is aimed at review websites as well as the companies themselves, outlining a series of requirements for the collection, moderation and publication of online reviews. It is the first International Standard published by ISO’s technical committee for online reputation, to encourage companies to meet these principles.

“We welcome the standard here at Feefo, and are proud to have been on the committee working closely with the BSI to deliver such a robust and fair set of guidelines for the industry,” said Matt West, Feefo CRO.

“We know fake reviews are a big concern for brands and consumers alike, and it’s why we have always been committed to ensuring Feefo provide its clients with the ability to only collect real reviews from real people.”

With online review sites, like Feefo, increasingly relied upon by businesses and consumers, we believe the industry must do more to stop fake reviews, so that shoppers have access to real information and make informed purchases. 

Join us for the official launch of the new ISO on Thursday 6th September, and attend a panel discussion on how the new standard will impact the industry. Find out more here.

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