Feefo 3.0 is compatible with Google’s mobile-first index

Google have confirmed that they are rolling out a new mobile-first index. This means that all mobile versions of your site will be taken into consideration in search results, even those shown to desktop users. Although testing is still in progress, Google have said that this new index will start to roll out soon.

At Feefo, we are always looking to better the user experience for our clients and their customers. This is why the latest version of Feefo is fully mobile compatible. For your reviews, this means that they will perform well in the search results and work across all devices.

Feefo 3.0 was designed to be as efficient and effective as possible, regardless of device. We’ve ensured fast loading times on both mobile and desktop; something that Google previously considered. With streamlined code, this new, lightweight version of Feefo is designed to make it easier to navigate the system across all devices – not just desktop.

Looking at our data, we see that the majority of our client’s customers will leave a Feefo review on mobile devices. Google’s previous updates have emphasised the importance of ranking factors, and we have worked to modernise our software with this in mind.

Feefo 3.0 reflects both our commitment to latest technological developments and digital innovations, as well as our dedication to our clients, ensuring that we provide an impeccable product and service, and are ahead of the digital curve.

Ready to harness your reviews? Feefo 3.0 is the most powerful update we’ve ever released, putting the benefits of genuine consumer feedback to work in your business. Find out more about Feefo 3.0 on our innovation site, or get in touch with us today.

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