Changes to Core Web Vitals that impact your page experience

In the middle part of 2021, Google announced it would include page experience as part of its search ranking. The aim was to report on the performance of key on-page elements such as load time, interactivity and visual stability, giving site owners an opportunity to make improvements in areas they otherwise may have neglected.  

Here’s a summary of what this page experience approach from Google means and how businesses can feel the SEO benefits of the latest set of Core Web Vitals:  

Load time 

A page load time of between 1 and 3 seconds results in an increased bounce rate of 32%, while a page that takes 6 seconds to load has a bounce rate increase of 106%. 


Measures the time from users’ first interaction (click a link, tap a button) to the time when the browser can respond to that interaction. In many senses, this reflects the first impression and interaction users have with your site. 

Visual stability 

Measures how stable elements load onto the screen, looking at how often these elements jump around while loading and by how much.  

Google combines Core Web Vitals with other factors, including how mobile-friendly a site is, to evaluate the page experience. Websites are ranked based on their overall performance score, with tools like Google's Lighthouse giving developers the power to optimise, monitor and improve web speed quickly and efficiently.

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What do these changes mean for Feefo customers? 

Core Web Vitals impact every online business. Our research reveals that, when faced with any Core Web Vitals issues, only 4% of customers will actually complain. Instead, 91% simply abandon the site they are on. 

And that's why, from April 2022, existing Feefo merchants will be able to switch to our new, optimised widgets. Improvements include better performance of on-page feedback widgets, including relevant and high-quality content and the option to customise the look and feel of your feedback. New merchants joining Feefo will automatically benefit from this latest upgrade.

Faster load times 

We have reduced the amount of Javascript code each feedback widget uses by separating them out, so only the required code is loaded, not everything at once. Quicker load times contribute to better page performance which reduces the chances of websites being penalised by Google and increases the likelihood of ranking higher in searches – potentially ahead of the competition. 

Improved interactivity 

Our Service Carousel has been upgraded and, in testing, we’ve reduced its size by 90% which has dramatically improved its performance in most cases. We have also reduced the size of our most popular widgets by an average of 81%. This includes our on-page and pop-up reviews, media panel, media player, media gallery and Smart Themes add-on, which are now more efficient than ever.

Better visual stability 

An important factor in achieving this was to pre-define the layout size for our feedback widgets once loaded. By reducing the amount of heavy lifting sites need to perform to display verified reviews on your site, we can make the page experience more enjoyable and easier to navigate. 

 Other improvements 

Reducing the size of our feedback widgets has a positive impact on the environment too. Needing less computer power to load plug-ins means smaller amounts of Co2 are used by each widget, which does wonders for your carbon footprint and helps save the planet. 

We also continue to reduce our reliance on external, third-party libraries to make our feedback widgets as user friendly as possible for site visitors. 

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Why do I need customer reviews on my site? 

The influence of customer reviews over future purchasing decisions is steadily growing, with consumers now saying they are likely to spend 31% more with a brand that has excellent reviews. That’s why we feel allowing more brands to showcase verified reviews at the point of purchase and build trust across their site with high-performance feedback widgets, was so important. 

Feefo’s feedback widgets help inform customers at the point of purchase and influence other factors such as more confident buying decisions, creating more loyal customers and providing shoppers with a valuable form of social proof. By offering review content in this way, Feefo offers its clients a stronger customer proposition designed to improve their customer retention. 

Find out more

Feefo's feedback widgets are designed to super-charge SEO and boost your ranking with improved click-through rates, increased levels of organic traffic, and more qualified shoppers visiting - and staying longer - on site.  

To learn more about how verified Feefo reviews can boost your SEO ranking and improve your page experience, talk to one of our experts today. Call 0203 362 4209, email us or click here.

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