Congratulations to all Feefo Trusted Merchants 2016!

One year on from last year’s accreditation and we’re back – bigger and better than ever! We are incredibly excited to announce 2016’s Feefo Trusted Merchant accreditation

Now into its third-year, the Feefo Trusted Merchant accreditation is a well-sought after accolade; and this year we’re proud to reveal more winners than ever before, and an increase in total service rating across all qualifying merchants – meaning your service is getting better and better!

What Is Feefo Trusted Merchant?

As a badge of honour, this Accreditation remains unique as all the awards are based purely on the interactions with customers – no judges, no Feefo staff, no merchants that wave green notes under noses… just genuine customers that have given feedback via Feefo. This feedback has been collated by the Feefo platform, with the accolades being awarded based upon performance.

We see millions of reviews each year and know how challenging it is to get service right every time. Because of our insight into customer satisfaction, we created the Accreditation to give back to those companies that rely on Feefo, and makes it clear how well they have performed. Note that the accreditation is about service and not product – many of our merchants play a specific role within a transaction and this rewards each of them based on good old fashioned customer service.

This year sees the introduction of a new accreditation: Feefo Commended. Winners of this Accolade display a constantly high level of customer service over a greater period of time, but don’t necessarily achieve the high volume of responses required for the Trusted Merchant Accolade.

How Are The Accolades Calculated?

Based upon the data received over the duration of the previous year, for 2016, to become a:

Gold Trusted Merchant: a business is required to receive 100 replies or more, with an average Service Rating of between 95% and 100%.

Trusted Merchant: a business is required to receive 100 replies or more, with an average Service Rating of between 85% and 94.9%.

Commended Merchant: a business is required to receive between 50 — 99 replies, be a Feefo merchant for longer than a year, with an average Service Rating of between 95% and higher.

Feefo Trusted Merchant Accreditation 2016

We are delighted to acknowledge those that are Gold Trusted Merchants, Feefo Commended and Trusted Merchants. More importantly, we are delighted that those who depend upon Feefo are taking their business seriously. It’s easy to manipulate open feedback platforms, but every Feefo Merchant commits to seeking feedback from only genuine customers – and from every customer too. This means that when you buy from a Feefo Trusted or Commended Merchant, you have our endorsement of quality.

Interesting highlights comparing last year’s results with 2015’s data include the following:

  • The average Service Rating for ‘qualifying’ Merchants is 95.73%, in 2014 it was 94.18%. This means there has been an average increase in Service Rating across all winners of 1.55%
  • 1,167 merchants received both the ‘Gold Trusted’ and ‘Trusted’ award in 2015. This figure increased by 94 merchants to 1,261 merchants in 2016.

In both instances, these figures mean that across the board, not only are Feefo providing customers with more trusted merchants with whom to shop, but customer service is improving for merchants using Feefo too!

Winners will be notified of their success and will receive a Feefo Trusted Merchant certificate to display proudly at their places of work, and shared on Social Media using the hashtag #FeefoTrusted.

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