Christmas isn't cancelled: How to navigate the new Christmas rush

If there’s one thing you can depend on, it’s the Christmas rush. Every year like clockwork, that swarm of shoppers starts buzzing around Black Friday and steadily snowballs into a mad high street stampede up until Christmas eve. It’s about as traditional as it gets – but 2020 has already proven to be anything but.

We’re all finding it a little trickier this year to plan for the festive season when the landscape is so far removed from anything we’ve seen before. So, let’s start by going through what we do know.

With a huge 71% of British consumers reluctant to shop in store in the lead up to Christmas and with new lockdown restrictions on the horizon, the way that people are choosing to shop has shifted. As shoppers put down their face masks and open their laptops, retailers worldwide will be making sure that their websites can handle the inevitable digital crowds that are on their way.

It’s the Christmas rush, but not as we know it.

Learn what makes them click

A lot has changed in the world over the past twelve months, and that includes your customers. Not only could you be facing one of the busiest online shopping seasons on record, you could also be dealing with a huge customer base you barely know anything about.

There’s a ton of ways you can learn what’s making shoppers click, but the easiest of all is to ask them. It sounds simple, but your customer feedback won’t only help you prepare for the online rush that’s right around the corner, it’ll also give you plenty of insight that can help you perfect your online offering far beyond the holiday season.

1. Find out what makes you unique

48% of shoppers will start their holiday shopping this year with a Google search. With so many retailers fighting it out at the top of the search results for their attention, how can you stand out from (and to) the crowd?

From your paid ads to your organic search results, think about what makes you special to your customers – and if you don’t already know, then ask!

2. Keep your customers engaged with your website

How do you entice your Christmas shoppers into your store without the lure of a beautiful shop window display? This year, your homepage will be your new shop window, and there’s plenty you can do to keep your customers inspired.

It’s not about just getting them through the ‘door’ either. Once they’re in, how do you keep them there? Competition is tough online, and it’s never been easier for your customers to get distracted. This year, the key to Christmas success lies in personalised experiences, streamlined customer journeys and exciting, clickable content!

3. Get shoppers through the checkout

So, they’ve made it to the checkout, job done right? Not quite! Basket abandonment is higher than ever and with plenty of alternatives on offer this year, even at this late stage you can take nothing for granted.

Don’t give your customers any reason to wave goodbye. From seamless checkout experiences with multiple payment options, to that final word from your customers raving about your delivery; whatever you can do at this final stage to give customers the confidence they need to make that all-important last click is crucial.

The next few months may be uncertain, but we can help you prepare for whatever lies ahead. We’ve pulled together some handy, actionable marketing tips to help you optimise your customer journey from search to sale, as well as plenty of insight into how to keep the sales coming in through the new year and beyond!

Download our free guide here, or get in touch to find out customer feedback can help you transform your customer experience in time for Christmas.

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