5 things we learned at Marketing Week Live

We’ve been manning the Feefo fort at the first stop on our spring events calendar, Marketing Week Live. If you didn’t manage to make it this year, don’t worry! We managed to catch some of the incredible talks on offer; here are five messages that really got our synapses firing.

1) The digital marketer is DEAD (or will be soon)

Marketing room 101 MWLMark Ritson, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Melbourne Business School, believes that if you have the word ‘digital’ in your brand or job title (unless you are a digital agency), you’re in trouble.

“There’s no such thing as not digital,” he argued during the ‘Marketing Room 101’ session. “Digital marketing is just marketing.”  It sounds a bit controversial, but the point he’s making, is that almost all marketing activity involves some kind of digital format, so the terminology no longer represents a specialism.

If you’re calling yourself a digital marketer, digital strategist, or digital expert, it’s time to change that job title to make yourself stand out from the crowd, sharpish!

2) To ensure loyalty, brands must focus on three drives: mystery, sensuality and intimacy

MWL Micky DenehyIn his talk, ‘Fostering Loyalty in an Age of Promiscuity’, Micky Denehy, Training Principal at Econsultancy, put forward the idea that consumers expect quality as standard, so to cut through the noise of the marketplace, businesses need to offer more than just a good product.

The key, Micky says, is creating an emotional connection. He highlighted three ways brands can create this connection, through mystery, sensuality and intimacy.

Mystery – Everyone is intrigued by a good mystery; dig into your businesses’ background, find interesting stories and use them!

Sensuality – Appealing to the senses can be a powerful relationship builder. A simple piece of music can be enough to make a customer think of your brand.

Intimacy – Customers loves brands that allow them to get close to them. Bear Nibbles, for example, ensures every child that writes to Bear received a response.

3) “The medium is the message”

MWL - Nick MasonIt’s painful to admit it, but there’s too much text in content marketing. Many argue that social media and the constant flow of bite-sized content has had a serious effect on our attention spans, but the truth is that humans are hardwired to process images better, and faster than words alone.

That was the focus of Nick Mason’s (CEO at Turtl) talk, ‘Why Understanding the Reader’s Behaviour is Key to Creating Content that Lasts’. He noted that image-based and interactive content boosts retention, increases engagement and is more persuasive. “We focus on the message, but we neglect the medium.”, meaning we need to dedicate as much thought to how and where we deliver our message, as we do to the message itself for it to be truly effective. 

4) Targeting Gen Z? You need to think ‘social first’

MWL - Oliver YonchevIt’s no secret that younger consumers are obsessed with social media, and yet so many brands don’t know how to effectively deliver content to those channels. Oliver Yonchev, Business Director at Social Chain, says “You need to change your brand story when the room changes”.

Sticking to your brand image, regardless of the platform, isn’t always the best option. Young consumers want content that’s authentic, which means that it shouldn’t look out of place compared with the type of content they are used to seeing on that platform.

To illustrate his point, Yonchev used a case study as an example. Social Chain were tasked with promoting ASOS and Nike’s new visual search tool. Instead of creating the brightly coloured visual content that ASOS and Nike typically use to promote new products, they went with a something much more authentic. Teaming up with popular Facebook page, Student Problems (which has more than seven million followers) they created a video, in which real on-campus students were shown the new tool and how it works. It became the most engaged branded video for over 90 days on Facebook.

5) You don’t need a big budget, or team, to be successful at social

MWL - Sarah CunninghamSarah Cunningham, Head of Demand Generation at AdRoll, said 2018 is the year that marketers need to prove social media’s ROI and tie it to true business impact. Fortunately, no matter how small your team or budget is, getting there is entirely achievable. It’s all about having the right skills and strategy.

Building the right team is the most important factor. There are three key skills needed: Content (someone who can create engaging content), acquisition (someone who can deliver the content, to the right audience, at the right time) and activation (someone who can monetise your campaigns).

You must also ensure that you have tactics in place that cover each stage of the customer purchase journey. Sarah’s helpful table below can ensure social teams are ticking all the right boxes.

AdRoll Social media table

You can view all of Sarah’s slides here.

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