4 ways customer reviews build trust in your brand

94% of consumers check out customer reviews when they’re looking to buy everything from new shoes to a new home. Those five little stars next to your company’s name have become a stamp of approval in almost every industry to help increasingly-savvy consumers shop with confidence.

It’s true that customer reviews go a long way towards building trust in your brand, but what is it about the voice of your customers that does such a great job of increasing consumer confidence?

Let’s take a look!

1. Strengthen your brand reputation

People trust people, especially when they know their opinions are the real deal. In fact, 84% of shoppers trust real reviews from genuine customers even more than the recommendations of friends and family - making your customers, your best sales people. The more reviews you’re able to collect from your genuine customers, the better your reputation becomes. And once you have a stream of positive reviews pouring in, you can start promoting them on your website, in your search ads, and in marketing materials to spread the word even further and continue to build a positive brand reputation.

2. Prove the quality of your products

Collecting product reviews gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase the quality of your products. Without them, consumers are effectively shopping blind; reliant on biased product descriptions and their own instincts.

Reading feedback from other customers helps make the buying decision so much simpler. Are those trainers comfortable to wear? Does that car REALLY get 65 miles to the gallon? How long does the phone battery genuinely last?

Honest reviews from real customers helps shoppers feel more secure they are making the right choice, as they get an unbiased view of the products on offer. So, instead of your marketing team telling people how great your latest product is, why not get your customers to do it for you?

3. Seeing is believing 

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and a video even more. It’s all well and good telling customers they’re going to have an awe-inspiring holiday or that you can give them the make-over of their dreams - but seeing is believing! Photo and video reviews add an extra layer of trust by giving customers the chance to show off their experiences first hand.

All this juicy user generated content is great for sharing on social media and looks fantastic on your website as an extra tool to help convince customers that the products and services you’re offering are the real deal!

4. Show off your customer service skills

Reviews give you the platform to publicly engage one-on-one with your customers. This comes especially in handy if someone has had a problem with your business and left you a not-so-kind review. In the past, these negative feelings towards your business would tend to fester in the customer’s mind and be passed on to friends and family, letting a negative reputation spread by word of mouth.

Collecting customer reviews lets you take back control of that conversation and use the platform to publicly respond to negative feedback and help solve the customer’s issue long before it damages your reputation. In fact, openly and honestly admitting fault, and going above and beyond to solve the issue they’ve raised, shows your company in a positive light and helps further cement the level of trust people have in your customer service.

Start building trust today! 

With 95% of shoppers saying they are more likely to be loyal to a company they trust, there’s no better time to start collecting customer reviews and proving to the world just how great your products and customer service really are!

Nine-in-ten customers are worried about fake reviews affecting their experience with a business - which is where we come in. As one of the sole invite-only review and insight platforms on the market, we’re proud to only collect real reviews from your genuine customers.

Get in touch today to find out how partnering with Feefo can help you build trust in your brand.

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