Collect reviews

From a speedy answer to a more detailed reply, send feedback requests with ease, build consumer trust and gather valuable data with each reply.

Get more from every review

Increase engagement in an instant

Reach out to customers in an instant with personalized feedback requests, and schedule these requests to arrive when they are most likely to read and respond.

Get noticed with photo and video reviews

Let customers bring your products and services to life with verified multimedia reviews that enhance your social proof, and help towards SEO rankings.

Send reviews, your way

Give feedback requests a competitive edge and create more effective campaigns with custom options to match the look and feel of your brand, sent from your own systems or the Feefo hub.

Bring feedback with you

Leave your old reviews supplier hassle-free. Our friendly support team can help import historic reviews without losing any data.

Feefo integrates with leading platforms

Collect reviews and boost sales with the world’s fastest- growing eCommerce brands, including Shopify and WooCommerce.

Improve click-through-rate, boost SEO rankings and influence more purchasing decisions thanks to our partnership with Google.

Dig deeper into your business, learn from customer feedback and get marketing insight with our valuable tracking and reporting options.

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Customization & Automation

A better buyer journey

Understand how customers feel at every stage, from experience through to sale, with multiple review invite campaigns that are as unique as your audiences.

Maximize response rates

Collect even more feedback and boost engagement levels by personalizing feedback requests and survey forms in-line with your brand identity.

Improve response times

Receive instant notifications the moment a verified customer leaves a low scoring review to rectify issues more efficiently and enhance the customer experience.

Never miss a customer

You can automatically load sales data from leading eCommerce platforms into your Feefo account and feedback requests to everyone.

Connect with more people through Feefo Surveys

Share a simple link for quick, anonymous customer feedback at any time, and ask specific questions
to learn from prospects who have yet to hit your sales cycle.

Advanced Targeting

Engage a wider audience, including prospective customers who aren’t converting, on any channel, and tailor feedback requests to suit each of them. 

Instant Insight

Surveys can capture vital information about your brand and customer experience whilst improving engagement and response rates in a snap.

advanced targeting
Instant Insight-1

Net Promoter Score ®

Measure customer loyalty and tackle issues quicker with our sentiment
analysis tool that helps build better buyer relationships.

Learn from every customer

Include the NPS scale in feedback forms to see which customers would recommend you. Use our insight tools to improve lower scores and identify reviewers who keep buying and referring to others.

NPS calculator

Turn raw Feefo Surveys data into actionable insight in just a few clicks and start improving satisfaction levels right away. Try it now.

Conquer your competition

Accelerate your growth and rapidly discover where your brand is winning and where critical improvements need to be made.

Private Feedback

Collect feedback privately

Give every customer and staff member the chance to voice their opinion safe in the knowledge it won’t be shared publicly. From new product launches and staff satisfaction to views on how to improve customer experience, ask for feedback on an unlimited number of topics at no extra cost.


Member-only community groups

We help brands with more than ratings and reviews. We enable them to create member-only communities amongst their customers, prospects and partners. An invite-only space that allows your best influencers and promoters to assist with questions from potential buyers to increase sales, grow loyalty and raise your brand profile. Why stop the conversation at reviews when you have a community?