Moving from Reevoo to Feefo

Feefo, the world’s largest verified-reviews platform acquired Reevoo in August 2021. We’ve been working with our Reevoo clients since that time, to migrate them over to the Feefo platform. While our Reevoo clients are now hosted on a different platform – the high quality reviews you’ve grown to expect are staying exactly the same.



What is Feefo?


Feefo helps both consumers and businesses make the right choices.

Founded in 2010, Feefo works with its 5,000+ brands worldwide to collect honest reviews they can learn from and display. We provide invite-only, verified customer feedback, so consumers can learn how people like them feel about different products and services. And companies can truly discover what they’re doing right, as well as where they need to improve. This allows Feefo’s clients to build transparent, trusted relationships and exceptional services that their customers can depend on every time.

When you read a Feefo invited review, you can be 100% sure that it comes from a real customer. That’s because Feefo accepts reviews from genuine customers that have interacted with a company, following an invitation to share their experience.


How does it work?

  • A customer interacts with a company (most usually this means buying something, visiting the premises or receiving some communication by phone or email)
  • The company sends Feefo the details of every customer, such as their email address and order information
  • Feefo then sends every customer a request for feedback about their experience
  • The customer sends the feedback to Feefo, which posts it on the Feefo website, and the company can choose to share it on their website too


To guarantee consumer confidence in all they do, Feefo is:



Feefo manages its customers’ reviews and scores. But we don’t change anything. So, what you read is what customers really think.


Feefo provides its clients with genuine feedback, giving business and their customers the confidence to make the right decisions.


Feefo doesn’t allow editing of the reviews and scores it gathers. Reviews that do not meet Feefo’s guidelines are rejected, providing protection from offensive or fake reviews.


Migration from Reevoo

Atom Bank was the first client to successfully upgrade to Feefo in July 2022. Michael Sherwood, Head of Digital Experience at Atom Bank, commented:

“We’re delighted that Atom Bank has successfully pioneered the move to Feefo from Reevoo. Real feedback is central to improving our customer experience and we’re looking forward to building on this successful collaboration with Feefo in the future.”

Further customers will join us on the Feefo platform in groups based on their specific technical requirements. We’re looking forward to welcoming them to Feefo over the coming months. We will close the Reevoo platform next summer, following the end of this process.


Consolidating the reviews

We collect all the reviews on the Feefo platform in line with the same high standards that you’ve already experienced at Reevoo.

All the existing Reevoo material will be consolidated onto the Feefo platform. And any new reviews we collect will still come from direct invitations to people we know have had an interaction with a business. We believe in maintaining the highest possible standards, when it comes to sourcing reviews.


Will I be able to see whether a review has come from Feefo or Reevoo?

Once all the reviews have moved across to Feefo, you won’t be able to tell whether they’ve been collected by Reevoo or Feefo. This is because they’ve all been collected according to the same high standards to ensure that they are genuine.

You can find more detail about the migration process on our website.


What will the product and service ratings look like?

Reevoo scores will change to match Feefo stars.

Our Reevoo clients can use Feefo’s product review star-rating system immediately. They’ll look like this:

Feefo Product Star Rating Display

See the live example of our product review star-rating on website.


Reevoo clients’ service review scores can’t be directly translated into Feefo stars yet. So, it’ll be a few more months until they can be accurately translated.

In the meantime, their service scores will use a percentage figure of the people who said that they were satisfied, or that gave at least four stars. And they’ll look like this:


See the live example of our service review display badges on the Atom Bank website.

At first you might see a mixture of satisfied and stars but after 12 months, service and product reviews will use the same rating system