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Kia & Feefo


Since partnering with us back in October 2020, Feefo has become a key part of Kia's 'Plan S' business strategy. Not only do Feefo reviews allow Kia to build trust in their brand and products, the insight gleaned from the feedback is used to help develop new vehicles.

We're proud to feature so heavily in Kia's business strategy and marketing activity. Here are some of the ways Kia and Feefo are working together.

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Dealer POS

Ratings and reviews can be highly influential when used in-store as well as online. Kia uses their Feefo reviews to build trust in their car models by displaying their product ratings on the side of each vehicle.

Paid social campaigns

Reviews play a key role in Kia's paid social campaigns too, as they use snippets from their best reviews in their Facebook ads to boost confidence and encourage click-throughs.

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Feefo Spotlight podcast

Kia have also made an appearance on our podcast. They sat down to talk to us about the future of the automotive industry and the role that Kia and their customers are playing in shaping it. You can listen to the episode here.

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What Kia has to say

“Innovation sits at the very heart of the Kia and, and not just from a technology point of view. We are constantly looking to improve everything we do, by getting to know our customers better. Feefo is an invaluable CX innovation partner in this regard. Its dynamic data and insights provide us with a granular understanding of what our customer’s value across the customer journey, so we can be more agile in how we adapt and enhance every ‘brand moment’.

“We also know that buying a car is one of the biggest purchases someone will make in their lifetime and it’s often one of the most emotive for people. By partnering with Feefo we have the capability to listen to our customers at scale and better understand how they buy, use and feel about our products. As a business this intelligence has allowed us to innovate and help fit shape our “Plan S” business strategy.

“Building consumer trust is a challenge operating in the automotive sector. The wealth of genuine customer’s insights we gather from the Feefo CX platform play an important role in our customer acquisition strategy as we know peer reviews are a key factor in the purchasing decision for car buyers.”

David Hart, Customer Experience Manager, Kia UK

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