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Covid-19: An update from our CEO

Published on 17 March, 2020

Across our 3,700 customers, we appreciate the cross section of businesses we have and, of course, we want to respect each of the ways you’re working in these uncertain times as well. But to give you some certainty, we want to assure you we are well prepared.

The safety and wellbeing of our staff and ensuring the wider health of our communities is core to our approach here at Feefo and in accordance with government guidelines, as of this week across all of our global locations we are all operating business as usual but as a fully remote workforce. This decision enables us to directly contribute to ‘flattening the curve’ and reducing the spread of Coronavirus across the UK and the world and is in line with the Government's guidance that many businesses are following.

With our teams structured to work remotely, we are set up effectively to ensure we have all the tools we need to communicate virtually with you, our customers, partners and our internal teams alike. As a technology-led business, we can support this way of working and in turn your business to ensure you don’t notice any change to the way you engage with us here at Feefo.

In the next few weeks and months, it’s undoubtedly a time when you as a business want to continue to build on consumer confidence and that trust in your brand that you’ve been so focussed on since starting to work us.  While we find ourselves in a position when buying decisions and priorities may change, many things will impact that decision process with your customers but none more important than the way consumers feel about your brand and how this will influence their decision more than anything else. So whilst we appreciate Feefo might not be top of mind at the moment, there are several ways that you might not have considered where you can work with your customers and understand their feedback to further engage and build trust in such uncertain times. And we are there to help you do this and can look at ways to provide opportunities for as much stability and customer engagement as possible in the next few months.

We wish you, your colleagues and families all the best over the coming months.

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