How to choose Black Friday offers that will fly off the shelves

Published on 17 September, 2019


Everyone knows how lucrative Black Friday can be, and not just for retailers. In the UK, shoppers spent over £1.49 billion on Black Friday bargains last year. Taking part in one of the biggest shopping days of the year is not enough to secure serious sales though. With so many businesses offering amazing deals, shoppers are spoilt for choice, so how are you going to get them to shop with you?

We’ve already covered how to supercharge for digital marketing for Black Friday, but it’s the offers you run that will get people through the door. Here are four tips for choosing Black Friday offers that will do just that.

1. Lead with a strong, must-have product


To grab shoppers’ attention, you need to have a ‘door-buster deal’ – something so amazing, that it attracts people to your website. This product or deal could be anything from one of the must-have toys this Christmas, to cheap flights for a top holiday destination.

You may need to minimise your product margins (or sell at a small loss) to make this offer really enticing, but once shoppers are on your site or in your store, you can show them your other offers and potentially upsell them. One way to encourage customers to spend more is to offer free shipping over a minimum spend.

2. Create Black Friday exclusive products, bundles and offers

To make yourself stand out from the competition this Black Friday, why not offer something shoppers can only buy for one day only? This could be an all-new product or a bundle of existing products.

Every year, Firebox sells a Black Friday mystery box for 24 hours only – although it often sells out within the first couple of hours. They don’t just put any old stuff in these boxes either. Only their best-selling products go into the boxes and customers are promised to receive over £130 worth of products for £74.99. Knowing they are getting great products at a great price means this deal sells out fast and they do the same deal every year, so customers know it’s coming!

3. Choose products popular with your customers right now


What’s selling well right now? What are your customers raving about and why? If you collect customer feedback, use your reviews to identify popular products with fantastic reviews and include them in your Black Friday plans.

You can find these quickly by using a product like our Performance Profiling technology, which automatically identifies common themes in your reviews, so you can see exactly what your customers love about certain products and where improvements could be made. This will help you promote your Black Friday offers and make sure you don’t shout about products with serious issues that will just end up being returned just before Christmas.

4. Find out what flopped the previous year

Not every Black Friday offer you run will succeed. Run a report on last year’s offers and see what worked, what didn’t and why. It’s not about just what sold either – you can’t call a product that flies off the shelves a success if over half of them ended up being returned. Again, this is where your customer feedback can come in handy, as you can see if there were any issues with your products as well as why people loved them so much. Use this information to try to predict which of your products or offers will sell well this year.

5. Don’t try to deceive your customers

Shoppers are getting savvier about Black Friday. They know that it’s an opportunity for retailers to get rid of old stock and that the advertised RRPs are sometimes inflated to make an offer seem better than it is. Don’t present poor offers as good ones in the hope that you can trick shoppers – consumers who want to get the most out of Black Friday do a lot of research beforehand. They know exactly what model of TV they want, and they know how much it cost the last time it was on offer. If you try to pull the wool over their eyes, you’re going to break their trust and they’re unlikely to shop with you again.

Start collecting feedback in time for Black Friday

Listening to the voice of your customers is extremely important for Black Friday and Christmas success, and reviews can help build trust in your brand, products and service. Start collecting real feedback from real customers today so that next Black Friday you have all the data you need to make sure all of your offers fly off the shelves.

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