5 ways to supercharge your digital marketing for Black Friday

Published on 05 September, 2019

Black Friday might seem likes it’s still a long way away, but it’s never too early to start planning for one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Over £1.49 billion was spent online last year in the UK during Black Friday, as millions of people went in search of a bargain or three.

For online retailers, it’s become one of the most important days in the business calendar. That’s why getting ahead of the competition and putting a strategy in place early is so important for making sure your business takes full advantage.

If you want to have a super successful Black Friday, then your digital marketing is going to play a huge part! Let’s look at five ways you can supercharge it in the run up to Black Friday to make sure you smash your targets.

1. Social promotions

Generating sales on social media has always been hard graft for retailers looking to take full advantage of the millions of daily users on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The latest research from BI Intelligence seems to suggest that times may be changing. An estimated $6.5 billion (£5.3 billion) was spent on social shopping in 2017, up from 24% in 2016, suggesting people are now increasingly more likely to part with their hard-earned cash through social than ever before. 

Running “exclusive” social promotions that catch the attention of your followers can be a great way to drum up more interest in your products and get a few extra sales in the lead up to Black Friday. Instagram’s shoppable posts make it easy to create engaging content that is only a couple of clicks away from becoming a sale; whilst Twitter gives you the chance to get creative with campaign hashtags, letting you run competitions and promotions that create a fun experience for your followers to get involved and keep up to date with your special Black Friday offers.

2. Targeted email campaigns


More than 25% of sales during Black Friday originate from email marketing, making it the biggest driver for sales on the day. Make sure you get your Black Friday emails in early though, because everyone is going to be doing it at some point! So, whilst your competitor’s marketing teams are still in meetings arguing over what to do, start all your mailing lists on a well-thought-out journey teasing Black Friday sales and building excitement right the way up to the all-important day.

Remember, everyone is different. Create several campaigns with catchy subject lines and personalised offers to suit each of your different demographics. Existing customers may want to know that their loyalty is going to be rewarded, whilst new prospects could be tempted in with time sensitive, exclusive “new customer” discounts!

3. Create a sense of urgency

Whilst we’re on the subject, creating a sense of urgency across all of your digital marketing comms in the run up to Black Friday is a tried and tested tactic that you need to be making the most of. From adding countdown extensions in your search ads to pop up promo banners across your site, making it appear as if shoppers only have a limited time to get the biggest bargains can make them spring into action and click that ‘buy now’ button before it’s too late.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is real for many consumers and with a clever use of language and a few tactically placed timers you can play on this fear to help increase conversions by as much as 332%. Some well-timed flash sales on Black Friday itself can also create hype and boost engagement throughout the day. Make sure to pick popular product lines to make maximum use of the extra buzz these sales can generate.

4. Make your Black Friday landing pages re-usable


You’ve gone to great lengths to create a dynamic and engaging Black Friday landing page that was hugely successful in driving sales, and then you go and ditch it and start from scratch the next time Black Friday rolls around. Every time you do this, you undo all the great SEO kudos that page had built up with Google and start all over again at the bottom of the rankings.

This year create a Black Friday landing page to be proud of and that can stand the test of time. With 49% of people now doing their shopping on a mobile device, make sure that it’s fully optimised for phones and tablets and fill it with evergreen content to keep it relevant and discoverable for shoppers all year round.

5. Make your PPC ads stand out

According to Salesforce, 87% of shoppers begin their product search online, meaning PPC ads are often the first contact they have with your brand during the Black Friday rush. Appearing on page one for your chosen keywords around this time is going to come at a pretty penny, so you want to be doing everything you can to make your ads stand out from the crowd to drive click-throughs and increase your chances of making a sale or two.

Adding promotion extensions to your ads lets you place special Black Friday offers front and centre, whilst seller ratings help showcase the quality and trust like-minded shoppers have in your products. The final piece of the puzzle for a more compelling ad is adding user-generated content, such as customer feedback. Having positive review snippets, calling out your speedy delivery or high-quality products, built into your ad copy can increase click-throughs by as much as 11%. Feefo’s own Review Enhanced Ads product does the hard work for you by using the power of artificial intelligence to create compelling ad copy from your existing review content, click here to find out more.


With Black Friday still a little way off, now is the perfect time to put some of these strategies into action. Knowing what your customers like and dislike about your business over the holiday season can help you perfect your Black Friday sales with the right promotions for your audience, whilst having the back up of thousands of customer reviews for your service can be that extra boost of confidence shoppers need to choose to shop with your brand during the busy holiday season.

If you want to find out more about ways in which customer reviews can help your business have a successful Black Friday, get in touch with our friendly team today.